It’s okay to cry. Holding in all the downs of life is like trying to hold water in your hand. There is no point in pretending to be up and alright. It is going to come out eventually. If you don’t let the tears flow when something happens, you will look like a crazy person crying over nothing later on. I’m not sure why some of us believe showing our pain is bad. We feel silly crying when we are hurt. But we don’t feel silly about bleeding when we get cut. Both are our bodies reaction to pain. We can no more hold in our blood than we can keep our tears in forever. Holding in tears all the time only stacks one pain on top of another until tears fall at the littlest thing. People would rather you cry over something that they can help you with rather than over a nothing situation they can do nothing about. If you’ve been physically or mentally hurt, let the tears flow. Let them flow until you don’t think you can cry any more and then let them fall some more.

Don’t just cry but let your friends and family in on it so they can help you through it. One day they will need you. Will you turn them away? If they turn you away, they are not true friends. Get away from them before you need them. You will only get disappointed which will add to the pain. God put us here to support one another. Don’t buck the system. Crying is not a sign of weakness. It is a symptom of pain. If you come across someone that says they don’t cry, help them out. They need more support than you do. You are strong and powerful and in control of your life. You got this!


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