At some point after becoming single you may find that you have a need to no longer be single. I would like to show you a comparison.


Fall leaves crunching under your feet. The distant smell of rain in the air. A cold chill down your spine. The sound of music and announcements over loudspeakers about rides and games. Bundled up in your warmest jacket and tightest jeans. Your friends laughing and carrying on about nothing that matters. Then you look across the fairgrounds and you see him. The note from Friday still in your jacket pocket. You can picture it without looking. “I’ll be at the Fall Festival Saturday around six. I hope you’ll be there.” And it is signed by the one you have had a crush on since last spring. Not that you can read the scribble he passes off as a signature, but you know and so do all of your friends.

Ah sweet memories of dating, crushes and puppy love.

Well get that out of your head. That is not how people date now.


Now a days you put the best information about yourself on what they call a dating site. You can’t forget to add a few pictures that you had your friend take of you while they were standing on the couch (that helps hide the extra chins you may have picked up with time). You will get all excited about the prospect of it all. You are looking for the next “the one”. That’s sweet.

Now let me tell you what is happening on the other side.  The other side is looking for what is called a ‘hook up’ or a night of ‘Netflix and Chill’. They are putting up ten-year-old pictures and saying things that their friends would beat them up for even knowing to say. I will share some examples with you. “I love long walks on the beach.” Translation is they have heard of a thing called a beach and possibly went there on spring break thirty years ago. “I love to read.” That is the same in their minds as having ‘adult’ magazines in the bathroom. “I love children.” Could mean “I love children so much I just did serious jail time for it”.

I’m sorry but those are the good ones.  You also may come across the ones that fall in love with you on the first date mainly because they are homeless, don’t have a job or need someone to change out some sort of tube apparatus. You can also find the true scammer on these sites. They tell you they were born in another country, both parents are dead, an American relative raised them and now they are either working offshore or they are in the middle of some sort of peace talks in a foreign country. But either way they won’t be able to see you for some time. They also can’t video chat because of some sort of security reason. But, and here’s the best part, they become hard on their luck and they will need you to send them some money that they will surely pay you back. Wink Wink

There are other online types but I’m afraid I’ve already scared you enough. Don’t get me wrong, there are a few people out there that have found their perfect mate online. I’m just not sure how high that percentage is. The staff of Dateline or Murder In the Heartland may have those stats.

My suggestion is to work on you, let God (and your friends) know that you’re ready and be careful of whatever type comes at you. Remember Farmer’s only doesn’t cater just to farmers any more than Christian Mingle is checking people’s hearts to see if they are truly Christians. Be safe. Be cautious and go with your gut. If your friends and family that know and love you, don’t like the person then there is probably a good reason. Set it free! 

But remember you are strong and powerful and in control of your life. 

You got this!


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