Something you have to do every day. In the beginning it may be tough. Eating alone is hard. Figuring out how to make meals for one person is also hard. Both can be overcome. Maybe your mate did all the cooking. That’s ok. Learning to cook for one is doable. If you can read, you can cook. You might find you like it. I used to cook for six people. If the kids friends were over, which they normally were, I cooked for a whole lot more. It was hard for me to cut the recipes down to one person. I found I can make it as I normal would and baggy the rest into several meals and freeze it.

Most people do not like eating alone.they act like it’s a hard task to accomplish. Tell the hostess, with your head up and back straight, that you will be dining alone today. Confidence makes most people shy away. There may be some people that stare and pity you. Most wont give it a second thought. Don’t worry. If they keep staring it’s just because their pity for you has turned to anger towards you. Yes, they finally figured out you get every bite of your dessert. Remember you are strong, powerful and in total control of your life. Bon’appetite… you got this!


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