The grass stood up to my hip. Sweat ran down my back. Outside temperature was ninety-five with humidity at one hundred percent. I could not force myself to push the mower around my little acre lot again. Learning how to use the riding mower was the only way.

I walked out to the garage feeling like I would melt with every step. This made attempt number sixteen. Every time I tried, I sat on top of the mower with sweat coming out of every pore of my body until tears ran down my face and the words, “I need him” coming out of my mouth. It ended with my defeat and going back in the house knowing every time the grass would grow another six inches.

Women who say they don’t need a man aggravate me. I need a man, I thought every time I heard the phrase.

At that moment I needed a man to cut my yard and not charge me the ridiculous amount the boys around town wanted me to pay.

As I was about to follow my sweat, cry and fuss routine it hit me.

This is a generation of information. If it’s not online it’s not thought up yet and everything has been thought up and placed online in a video or text tutorial.

I ran back inside my house, grabbed my phone and headed back to the garage. I sat on the mower once again and googled how to start the stupid machine. Yes, stupid because it couldn’t start itself. We have smart phones and smart TVs. Why can’t someone invent a smart mower?

As with everything in life these days, there were hundreds of video tutorials on lawn mowers. I scrolled down to the one that announced it would walk me through the process.

Come find out I did need a man. The man on the video that apparently has great love for a sister or mother and amazing patience to walk a woman through how to start a stupid riding mower.

Like me you may need a man but it doesn’t have to be one that you do laundry for or make his meals.

I’m not saying I don’t have to watch the video every spring but now I love my mower and don’t have to worry about making a meal or doing someone’s laundry to get the job done. If you think you need a man for some ‘man’ chore around the house, get out your phone and google a tutorial. You are strong, powerful and in control of your life. You got this!


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