Southern storms always carry the possibility of tornadoes. Most southerners don’t give it a second thought. Unless, they have experienced the devastation a tornado can bring they are just considered an inconvenience.

Unfortunately, my hometown had experienced loss in a major way one year when it hit the high school and killed eight children.  Many houses were crushed as well as an older woman that passed away. That fear stays with you for years to come.

It’s different if your spouse and children are under the same roof with you but as they get older, they may be in different locations.

My first storm after divorce was a learning experience.  First, I was alone. Second, I was a bit scared. Third, I knew if I kept my head I would be okay.

I did all that I would normally do by getting pillows, food, animals etc into the hallway. I filled the bathtub with water in case the water was cut off. I charged all my electronics in case my power was turned off. I felt I wasn’t doing something.

It hit me that I also had to do the outside things. The things my ex-husband would normally have taken care of.  I walked around the yard putting up things that could fly away in a strong wind. I moved the grill to the garage. I moved my truck away from the trees that could fall.  Yes, the garage would seem to be a good spot for my truck. Unfortunately, the garage is packed with items that need to find their way to the trash. That would have to wait for another day. Everything appeared safe. Note the word ‘appeared’.

I was feeling good about my efforts but pretty freaked out by the storm. Rationally, I knew my ex-husband could not save me from a tornado, but it didn’t seem as bad when I was with him.

I sat in the hallway squeezing my dogs to me with every crack of the trees outside. The wind swooshed across the windows making them shake as if a large intruder was trying to break in.

I didn’t cry but I did a lot of praying.

Finally, the shaking and cracking stopped. It was just a storm and had not gotten to tornado level.

Everything in the house was fine and I did not lose water or power.

I walked outside. Although a lot of dead limbs had fallen nothing was broken. I finally realized one thing was wrong. Apparently, a lot of rain had fallen. The extra water bent the side of my above ground pool. The pool was nearly empty and had washed out my dirt driveway. I was not happy about it but in the grand scheme of things I felt blessed.

The fact is, common sense was used in securing my home and belongings. Praying helped my nerves and possibly my life.  Common sense and prayer can help you through most storms in your life. Just remember you are strong, powerful and in control of your life. You got this!


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